Our house is addressed to people, who appreciate the form of the objects that surround them. That is why we have devoted a lot of time to thinking about what such a place should look like, so that every moment spent there will provide you with maximum pleasure. We have spent many hours designing this space, to make it the perfect environment for such a luxurious activity as rest. We believe that INCABIN is such a house, and if you have any doubts, we believe that you will help us turn it into your own special space.


INCABIN is a self-sufficient house. With proper use and servicing, it provides full independence and convenience in using all the media necessary for comfortable functioning. It has an adequate supply of water to meet basic household and hygienic activities. It has its own, safe gas and energy reserve to ensure optimal use of heating, and the operation of all electrical appliances. It is equipped with intelligent media control systems, and facility monitoring control systems, available from wherever you are.


INCABIN is an idea that takes responsibility for the natural environment. We use only natural materials for the construction and finishing of our houses – metal, wood and glass. With the technical equipment, we have managed to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials to a minimum. Our engineers have made sure that the INCABIN house is energy-efficient, and that it emits as few products as possible into the environment.


INCABIN is an autonomous mobile home. Mobility is literal because INcabin is designed for easy transportation to its final place of destination, and convenient manoeuvring into its final position, allowing for multiple repositioning of the house, whenever you deem it necessary. An additional benefit is either the elimination of formal and legal procedures related to its foundation, or at least their significant reduction.



Financing: For our clients, we have prepared the possibility of using popular forms of financing the purchase of INCABIN. We offer a convenient credit to individual clients, and favourable leasing terms to entrepreneurs. In both cases, our partners are safe and well-known financial institutions. If you choose one of these methods of financing your transaction, we will provide you with the proper support needed to facilitate the implementation of the appropriate procedures, and to save your valuable time.


If the plot on which you want to place INCABIN is not properly adapted for this purpose, you can commission us to do all the work related to this. We will carry out an on-site verification at your chosen destination, and inform you of what needs to be done, in order to build the house for the indicated area – safely and beneficially for the house and its surroundings. With your approval, our professional subcontractors will carry out the appropriate works to prepare the area for your home.


The autonomous INCABIN mobile home is a facility designed to minimise transport and foundation costs. When placed at its destination, owing to the modern automatics installed in it, it can unfold automatically. We ensure transportation to the indicated location, and the precise setting of the house on the plot. If you decide to change its location, we can relocate the house by transporting it to a new destination. Qualified and trained personnel will take care of your home so that you don’t have to worry about its technical condition after such operation.


As designers and producers of the INCABIN house, we know best which individual elements of its construction and equipment require appropriate conservation. You can entrust us with periodic servicing works, or with comprehensive responsibility for the technical condition of the facility along with all of its equipment.